Yes, email us within 30 days of subscribing and we will refund your payment even if you have used the service actively.

Yes, we do! Send us an email at and will do our best to accommodate.

Testing Mailbox

Mailsnag SMTP server is not configured to deliver real emails, so you dont have to worry about spamming your customers.

Network and service outages are rare, but they still happen. We believe asynchronous tasks, like sending email, should handle these cases, so we simulate them to encourage better SMTP integration practices.

You can forward individual emails to your own account and see it in your own email client.

Receiving Mailbox

Receiving Mailboxes are used in Production environments to receive real emails from your users. For example, you can allow your users to reply to emails sent by your application. Your application can process replies and perform actions accordingly.

Mailsnag will retry webhook delivery for up to 15 times over couple days. If your application is down longer than that, then you can retry delivery manually through the UI. Rest assured we will not delete any emails until they are successfully delivered.

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