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Streamlining Email Integration

Why We Built Mailsnag

At Mailsnag, we embarked on a mission to simplify the intricate process of managing SMTP integrations in our applications. Whenever we delved into new projects, the necessity to test transactional emails – ranging from user registrations to crucial notifications – loomed large. Ensuring the flawless delivery and correct formatting of our emails was paramount. Moreover, obtaining approval from stakeholders on the content added another layer of complexity. This entailed a laborious workflow of creating new email accounts, configuring SMTP servers, and meticulously testing each email.

Furthermore, as we ventured into creating features enabling user interaction via email – think support ticket system, adding comments by replying to notification email, or a way to take in-app action by simply emailing – we sought a solution that would seamlessly integrate email functionalities into our applications without reinventing the wheel. That way, we could focus on building the core features of our applications instead of spending time on email integrations.

How We Use Mailsnag

Unsurprisingly, we turned to Mailsnag while crafting Mailsnag itself. This streamlined our development process significantly, enabling us to swiftly test and validate the outcomes of our work. We were able to build Support functionality for Mailsnag in a matter of days, instead of weeks, because we were able to quickly iterate and collaborate on the emails that we were sending out. Need to verify if the reply-to address is set correctly? A quick visit to the Mailsnag mailbox and a glance at the headers tab suffice.

When we were building out the ability to receive emails in Testing mailbox, we quickly set up a Receiving mailbox within Mailsnag for the domain. Building this feature would have consumed weeks to months in previous projects, and now was accomplished within a few days with the help of Mailsnag’s Receiving mailbox feature.


Our applications rely heavily on email integrations, encompassing both testing and receiving emails, and we do it all through Mailsnag.

We trust that you’ll find Mailsnag as indispensable as we do. Should you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Until next time amigos 🙌

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